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By: cccmistiq

I'm sorry I didn't reply right away (I still AM having this problem).  I wasn't
checking very often to see if anyone had tried to reply after not getting a
response from anyone here or on the bug report for over a week.  Thank you for
trying to help me, I appreciate it a ton!

I already had my Windows Update settings set for that, but I guess some of them
just decide they need to be installed regardless of whether I really want them
to or not (I could choose not to installing them by clicking a link below the
standby/shut down/restart buttons instead of clicking the normal shutdown button
which instead installs updates).  Other than whatever is in Windows XP and our
router, the only security I have is Symantec AntiVirus.  My Java should be fine,
but I'm not sure how I'd update it if it weren't (isn't that the one that 
doesn't give you updates for anymore and you have to find it yourself?) and
I vaguely remember setting it to update itself.

I followed some advice that I received when I turned in a bug report and updated
the GTK for Gaim, too.  That changed my problem from seeing only the background
of the message and buddy list windows to it turns everything other than the
title area 'black'.  The menus and everything can still be interacted with,
I just can't see them.  Sometimes if I close my message window and reopen it,
then it will look normal again (sometimes it doesn't fix anything).  However,
if the buddy list window decides to go black the only way to fix it is to 

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