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By: jmasondotnet

Hello, I am a new Pidgin user converting from Trillian Pro. I have a few 
and comments.

1. I had Buddy groups in Trillian and it seems some must have been stored 
cause they did not import properly. Is there a way to UnGroup the groups in
Pidgin so I can re sort them?

2. I downloaded the 2.o Beta 6 for windows exe installer, is there any thing
else i need to install with it?

3. Are there skins available? I like the minimalistic skin but would like 
a little more "micro" like i had in Trillian.

Some comments:

I am a customer service manager for a cable company and I put out a news letter
from time to time and include software and tips that might help our subscribers.
I would like to talk about Pidgin, but I was wondering if there are plans to
have some installation guides, some Howto's? I mean i dugg my way through it
but i know most are not as "geek" inclined as I (well try to be).

Also if I wanted to include Pidgin in my newletter, who would I get premission
from to do so.



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