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By: randomstep

Sorry for the delayed response.  The development team doesn't check this forum
normally anyway, but all activity is moving over to a new website with the 
name change.

Re: your comments:
For your newsletter, I think it's a great idea personally, but I am not on the
development team for Pidgin.  I would recommend, though, that you wait for the
2.0 version release which should be happening sometime "soon".  By that point
the new site ( should be in better order and you can ask for 
there.  There are also mailing lists you could try if you want to look for 
/ recommendations now.

1. I don't know, sorry.
2. If you don't already have GTK+ (for example if you have Gimp installed) then
make sure you get the .exe that includes GTK+.  Otherwise you don't need 
else, no.  You may want to get some plugins later also, but those aren't
3.  There are a couple included, you have to rerun the installer to switch 
But I don't think any of them are really particularly "micro" like you are 
for.  Hopefully someday there will be a Windows native client, but until 
*ahem* creates one then what you see is pretty much what there is.

I hope that helps.

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