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By: skunkdude

I recently got 2.0beta6, like others, because I wanted to be able to use my
MSN again. But, one thing that keeps bugging me is the sound...I liked the 1.5
sound, but the 2.0 is too...light, I can't hear it enough. Then the smaller
things like what happened to the options that were under where you typed (I
know where they are, but is there a way to put them back where they used to
be?) and how it doesn't give a new window for new mail (I use that a lot with
forums to know when someone replied to something. That, and the tab buttons
just bug me because they're not the uniform size and stretch, but I can get
used to that of course. Thanks for any help, and sorry for such a 
post. Thanks again for any help.

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