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By: deryni9

If you want the 1.5.0 sounds download the files from the 1.5.0 source tarball,
extract them somewhere, and then point gaim at them (you can do that in the
preferences). What options "that were under where you typed"? The large buttons
in the bottom of the conversation window? What 'options' there do you want back,
and why do you want them back? If those are what you mean then you are clearly
aware that they are in the menus but you may not be aware that you can easily
add shortcut keys to any menu item in gaim by hovering your mouse over the item
and hitting the key you want bound to it (if that doesn't work you will need
a gtkrc setting that the example gtkrc file linked from the FAQ has information
The tabs being full width is an issue that has been discussed to death and 
everyone gets used to it in rather short order (and most come to like it better
than the old way in fact). There was just a patch posted somewhere to add the
ability to switch back but I don't know if it will be considered, I would tend
to doub it since there were real reasons for the switch in the first place.

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