Dear GainsNet members,

As you may recall, one of the questions we asked in our recent "Network
Member Needs Assessment Survey" was regarding the types of support GAINS
Network members would like to receive through INSTRAW.  One of the options
offered was website design-and there was a clear interest expressed by
respondents in this service (17%).

In order to address this, we have contacted several members of the GAINS ICT
network (there may be more, anyone else who would like to provide assistance
to Network Members in website design, please feel free to send a note to
GainsNet!) who offer website design services, and their responses were very

1) Virtual Activism
Virtual Activism offers ICT training, website design assistance, and a
variety of other types of ICT help to NGOs, at minimal or no cost.  I have
contacted the Director of Virtual Activism, Marlyn Tadros, who would be
happy to have those INSTRAW GAINS Network Members interested in website
design assistance contact her directly.  Her email is
[EMAIL PROTECTED]  For more information on Virtual Activism and
its various activities, visit the website at:

2) Networked Intelligence for Development
NID offers website design, capacity building and support.  I contacted Nidhi
Tandon, who suggests a two-tiered approach to website design cost: US$400
per day for NGOs in North America, and US$200 for NGOs based in developing
or emerging economies.  However, she also offers to look at each request on
a case-by-case basis, and suggests that for NGOs looking only for a webpage
template, a fixed fee could be negotiated-the cost of this would be less.
Nidhi Tandon can be reached at [EMAIL PROTECTED], and more
information on Networked Intelligence for Development and its activities can
be found at:

3) Womenspace
This organization does not offer one-on-one assistance with website design,
but does have a number of online tutorials for women on the Internet.  These
tutorials include: internet use, website design without using html-code,
mailing list use and management, and many others.  Some of the information
is also available in French.  Womenspace's website (along with links to all
of the above resources) is at:

4)  Leland Initiative Web Tutorial Series
Authored and Created by Jeff Bland through the USAID Leland Initiative (not
a GAINS Network member).  This 10-lesson online tutorial in html-code
website design offers lessons on formatting, links, graphics and more.  As
well there are various links to other resources.  The Leland Initiative Web
Tutorial Series is at:

I hope that these various resources will prove useful to Network members
needing information or assistance on website design.  If you find that none
of the above options are useful to you or your organization, and that you
need further help, please let us at UN INSTRAW know and we will see what
else we can come up with!

Alyssa Frohberg
GAINS Network Assistant Coordinator

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