Dear friends and colleagues, INSTRAW members, 

You have probably recently received, as I have, a
virus alert regarding some virus called 'A Virtual
card for you.' Please note that not every email alert
of that nature is necessarily true. Some such
so-called virus alerts are just as menacing as though
they were real, only because we believe them and waste
time alerting our friends. 

Just so that you do not waste time sending 'hoax'
virus alerts, please check two important sources
regarding viruses as soon as you receive an alert, to
see whether it is a serious virus or not [and do not
open any attachment in the meantime]. Those are: [where you would need to punch in a
'search' word for 'viruses',
and, more importantly, the MacAfee site at 
which has extensive virus information, even about
hoaxes. It tells you not only if a virus alert is
true, but also if it is not, and if you got infected,
how you can remove the virus, and provides statistics
on infections and gives a risk assessment. 

In fact, the explanation that  'a virtual card' is a
hoax is found at their site at

While hoaxes are harmless, they are menacing only in
that they waste everyone's time. May God help us

The best policy to always do is to NEVER open an
attachment that has specifically an .exe extension, or
any other extension that you are not familiar with,
not to mention files sent to you from people you do
not know. Even files sent to you from people you know,
please open them after checking them for viruses with
something like Norton Utilities or MacAfee.

More importantly now, the real serious virus that is
going around these days is called: 
"W32/SirCam@mm (Sir Cam Virus)"
and you will find info on it at MacAfee also. It has a
random title in the subject line of the message which
may fool anyone. However it always has this message as
text in addition to the attachment:

"I send you this file in order to have your advice
or I hope you can help me with this file that I send
or I hope you like the file that I sendo you
or This is the file with the information that you ask

DO NOT OPEN IT. Just play safe and do not open
attachments. To learn more about it, go to MacAfee's

All the best to all of you. 
Be safe. 
Marlyn Tadros

Legal Research and REsource Center for Human Rights
7 Al-Higaz ST.,
Roxi, Heliopolis, 
Cairo, Egypt
Tel: 202-4520977
Fax: 202-259-6622

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