Title: RE: [GainsNet] Women's Rights in Constitutional Reform

Dear Isabella,

You have probably heard of the UNIFEM publication called 'Implementing the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women' it has four examples of how women have used CEDAW to include women's rights in their constitutions. Let me know what else you find, I would be very interested.

Brita Schmidt
Advocacy Officer

WOMANKIND Worldwide - Raising the status of women across the world
(44)-207-588-6099  -  www.womankind.org.uk

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Subject: [GainsNet] Women's Rights in Constitutional Reform

Dear GainsNet members,

UNDP Bolivia is searching for information on Women's Rights & Constitutional
Reform.  Any experience, research papers, documents, lessons learned etc.to
share  would be appreciated.

 Isabella Waterschoot
Gender Specialist
UNDP - Port of Spain
Po Box 812
Trinidad & Tobago

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