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> BRIDGE, Gender and Development information unit at the Institute 
> of Development Studies, UK, is currently compiling an on-line 
> database of contact details for world-wide gender consultants 
> (and specialist organisations). The database will primarily be 
> used by development co-operation agencies that seek specific skills 
> and knowledge beyond their own areas of expertise. They will be 
> able to search for gender experts by name, organisation, 
> specialisation (subject, sector, region, country), geographical 
> location, and language capabilities. 
> The gender consultants database will be accessible through genie 
> (gender information exchange), a new web site featuring gender 
> mainstreaming resources from donor agencies and their partners. It 
> forms part of the new BRIDGE programme to facilitate the exchange of 
> information and resources on gender and development. 
> If you are interested in adding your details to the BRIDGE gender 
> consultants database then access the on-line form at 
> If you do not have access to the internet then please contact Emma 
> Bell, Research and Communications Assistant at [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> to send you a form to complete concerning your background and work
> experience

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