Dear GAINSNet Members,
    I hope that all of you have found the first issue of our e-newsletter to
be both of interest and use to your work.
    As you are aware, we are in the initial, exploratory stages of producing
this e-newsletter. Hence we have not yet determined the frequency with which
this e-newsletter will be issued. Although welcome your contributions at any
time, we would like to set a tentative deadline for contributions to the
next issue as 23 August 2001. By that date we will be able to determine
whether a September issue can be sent out.
    We are adding a new category to the e-newsletter in which we will
present brief introductions to new GAINSNet members. If you are new to the
GAINSNet, please send information about your organization.
    All contributions and information may be sent via e-mail to
[EMAIL PROTECTED]  Please put INSTRAW News in the subject line.
Jeannie Ash de Pou, Editor
United Nations INSTRAW
Tel: (809) 685-2111
Fax: (809) 685-2117

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