Dear all, this mail reached us from CESI, [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Dear Network members,

Greetings from Croatia and we are happy to join you.
We are CESI - Center for Education and Counselling of Women and would like
to inform you briefly about our projects.

CESI is a women's not-for-profit, non-governmental organization established
in 8th March 1997 - International Women's Day, in response to problems of
the violation of human rights, in particular women's and minority rights,
nationalism, militarisation, and the deterioration of economic standards in
the post-war period. It was founded by members of several women's and peace
initiatives all of whom have many years of professional experience working
with women war survivors.


Our main goal is to empower women to gain control over their lives and to
improve their psychological, economic, and physical well-being, and to
promote values of gender equality. CESI achieves this through targeted
projects which reach out to women and young people of all ethnic and social
backgrounds, as well as to the general public and government through the
media and other educational fora.  CESI Tribunela Newsletter that has
published quarterly informing about our activities as well as actual
problems women are faced in Croatia

CESI is also a member of the Women's Network of Croatia, the Antiwar
Campaign of Croatia and ASTRA - CEE/CIS European Women's Network for Sexual
and Reproductive Health and Rights.


On behalf of CESI

Gordana Obradovic

Centar za edukaciju  i savjetovanje zena
Center for Education and Counselling of Women
Krizaniceva 1/3, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
tel.fax. +385 1 46 11 704,

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