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Subject: Stop the cattle-show - Women are not for sale

Dear Friends
We are circulating the enclosed message for your early response. This
disgusting event is carded for Sunday 19th August 2001. We are suggesting
that  if you feel strongly about this that you call. fax, e-mail the persons
responsible stating your views. You are also encouraged to send this message
to your friends and colleagues for their responses.
We would also like to have your ideas about effective protest actions which
we can take between now and Sunday.


According to the Oxford Dictionary the word 'auction' is "the public sale in
which ARTICLES are sold to the maker of the highest bid". In Trinidad and
Tobago today, among the articles or things being placed on the auction
block - we now have women.

The 'Single, Sexy, Sold' event, co-hosted by Carib and 95.1 FM, is the
latest demonstration of disrespect and disregard for women we have seen in
this society and in the Media. The advertisement boasts that for a mere five
dollars you can win the date of your dreams with one of 11 'gorgeous babes'
or 4 'happening hunks'.

Is this what we have come to in Trinidad and Tobago? Apparently it is not
bad enough that women (and increasingly men) are being exploited daily in
ads selling cars, wine, cigarettes and other items. Now we are auctioning
women off to the highest bidder all in the name of fund-raising. Do we
really believe that individuals have a dollar value? Certainly not!

The person that borrowed this idea from our neighbours to the North clearly
has no respect for women and the struggle that we face every day not to be
treated as sexual objects (now for sale). This may appear as a 'cool' way to
raise money for a worthy cause but what it in fact does is further
perpetuate the debasing value that the society is developing of women and
girls as things to be owned or bought and sold.

Shame on the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society (TTCS) for participating in
this event. We in the NGO movement are well aware of the difficulties
associated with acquiring funds to do our work, but the TTCS has lowered the
bench mark on ethics by accepting funds raised in this manner. Surely there
are more tasteful means of getting money rather than profiting from the sale
of women and men.

Carib Brewery, one of the cosponsors, has a well documented history of
derogatory portrayals of women in the advertising of their products. The
other main sponsor, 95.1 FM, is also doing a great disservice to its
predominantly youth based audience by shamelessly promoting the sale of
women and men for $5.00. Contrary to popular belief, this is not how
"winning the date of your dreams" occurs in the real world and neither of
these companies is "doing a good deed" by hosting this auction.

The Network of NGOs of Trinidad and Tobago for the Advancement of Women and
the Gender Media Monitor call on all concerned citizens to voice their
disapproval in as many ways as possible to the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer
Society Office, Tel 622-6827, Dr. George Laquis, Cancer Society Chairman,
Tel 628-3000, the General Manager of the Trinidad Broadcasting Company,
Brandon Khan, Tel 623-9202 Fax 623 -9792, Carib Brewery 645-2337, Ross
Advertising, e-mail [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Let us all say a collective NO to this dehumanising event.

Hazel Brown


Network of NGOs of trinidad and Tobago for the Advancement of Women

Thursday, August 16, 2001

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