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Many factors drive the international AIDS pandemic.
They include risk behaviors, such as sex with more
than one partner and without a condom, and social
conditions, such as poverty, that discourage people
from protecting themselves. But one of the
strongest influences on how quickly the epidemic
spreads is the sexual behavior and
attitudes of human nature. These report explains the
critical role that young men play in
the global AIDS pandemic. It highlights how they have
been largely ignored in HIV
interventions to date and explains how this exclusion
could have devastating results in the long-term. It
investigates the challenges young men face and looks
the most effective ways of addressing their needs and
also other effective and informative links.

Young Men and HIV - Culture, Poverty and Sexual Risk
(You need Adobe Acrobat to view this report; a
text-only version is
available at

HIV/AIDS Cases Rising Quickly in Russia

China Warns of 'Dangerous' AIDS Epidemic

Nigeria to Launch Africa's Largest AIDS Treatment

Treatment Breaks Common in AIDS/HIV Care

Gene May Help Doctors Predict Efficacy of HIV Drugs

A Gendered Epidemic: Women and the Risks and Burdens
of HIV

More Female Participants Needed in HIV Research,
Physicians Say

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