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Dear True Expert,
Please increase your knowledge by sharing it with me!
Read on.
I am doing research on Banking-Exclusion with special
reference to women.I realize that women are the most
excluded in anything anywhere.Therefore true positive
action can only be taken by women.
I am a man raised by rural women in a Kenyan village.I
have seen strength in  women from my Grand mother to
my mother and the other women of the village.I believe
this is Both of the not alphabetically literate but
took me to alphabetization school. My Grand Mother a
great Economist even bought me a fountain pen before I
went to school.This was at a time when discriminated
African kids spent a
years  writing on the soil before advancing to write
on a slate. I therefore see women as strong people
with a knack for tactical and strategic action.
I have  noted the exploitation by the 'isms'
of the times. I however see women as rich exploited
people requiring a process with which they can
confront exploitation and  exclusion.
Like the African enslaved people who build America,
they were exploited not because they were weak but
because they were strong .While there is so much stuff
on women participation and empowerment i wish to argue
that this is basic manipulation. For sure look
back you will see that the position of women has
changed little in fact it may have worsened.People can
only include themselves no body can include another
without taking away some of their freedoms to live and
to create culture.The general trend is for
women to be driven  from the frying pan to the fire
thanks to projects of participation and empowerment. I
think we should move beyond Grameen!

Now i need help in 3 things;
1.Good reading references including web sites
2.Funding to do research
3.more ideas

I hope you have suggestions for me.Please send them
immeadiately.I however nothing material to give but I
have some ideas in people banking,co-operatives and
training acquired in my small village and
also in working in East,Central and Southern Africa.I
can exchange this with anybody interested.

Thank you







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