> Intersections - Covering Gender @ the WCAR NGO Forum, Durban 2001
> Issue 1 - Part 2
> *****************************************************************
> This bulletin is an APC-Africa-Women project, implemented by Women'sNet
> Africa.
> For the full version or to add your stories and information please go to:
> http://www.apc.org/intersections
> About us:
> Women'sNet is a joint project of the Southern African Non-Governmental
> Organisation Network (SANGONeT) and the Commission on Gender Equality. It
is a
> vibrant and innovative networking support program designed to empower
> African women to use the Internet to find the people, issues, resources
> tools they need for Social Action.
> http://www.womensnet.org.za
> APC-Africa-Women is a network of organisations and individuals that work
> empower African women's organisations to access and use Information and
> Communication Technologies (ICTs) for equality and development. (APC
stands for
> Association for Progressive Communications)
> http://www.enda.sn/synfev/apcfemafr/indexapc.html
> ******************************************************************
> Items in Issue 1 - Part 2
> *Gender Events at WCAR
> * Poetry - Mama Wipe your Tears by Righteous the Common Man
> ******************************************************************
> ** Gender Related Events at the WCAR
> This is not an exhaustive list but rather an example of what is happening
> around gender at WCAR.
> Roundtable discussion on gender, race and exclusion and launch of a gender
> gateway www.siyanda.org
> Roundtable on Colonialism, slavery and reparations
> Live radio broadcasts - FIRE PLACES : Voices without brackets
> http://www.fire.or.cr
> Grassroot women sharing their experiences : Breaking Boundaries - United
in our
> Diversity organised by Ilitha Labantu
> International seminar on Racism, Xenophobia and Gender organised by Lola
> Feminst Magazine
> Grassroots women speak on slavery as a form of oppression : Contemporary
> of slavery and other forms of oppression organised by Ilitha Labantu
> Unmarking Bodies organised by Development Alternatives with Women for a
New Era
> Gender and racism in South Africa - Historical perspectives organised by
> Masimanyane Womens? Support Centre
> ** Poetry
> Mama Wipe Your Tears by Righteous the Common Man
> >From the first moment of my consciousness
> My perception of you was that you are the greatest
> Ever since that moment you've been to me
> the only goddess I know and respect
> Many have tried to deny the value of your presence
> and yet they survived by sucking milk from your breasts
> Your existence has always been the essence of life to mankind
> Mama pleeze wipe your tears
> Echoes of your cries in my heart is all I hear
> Swallow your fears coz the glorious times are near
> Mama pleeze wipe your tears
> For so many centuries you?ve been in misery
> coz only you can comprehend the complexities of your tragedies
> you?d always manage to overcome adversities
> Your hospitality has caused you so many enemies
> because they were guided by selfish needs, vanity and greed
> They turned many of your children into hungry beasts
> Divide and rule was the golden rule of these subhuman beings
> They are the fools who glorify destructive tools
> Their passion is orchestration of atrocities
> But they?ll always fail to diminish your everlasting spirit
> Mama pleeze wipe your tears
> Echoes of your cries in my heart is all I hear
> Swallow your fears coz the glorious times are near
> Mama pleeze wipe your tears
> [End of Issue 1 Part 2]

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