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Subject: [GKD] ADB Seeks ICT Professional

> Dear GKD members,
> The Asian Development Bank (ADB) was established in 1966 and is
> headquartered in Manila, Philippines. ADB's multicultural staff come
> from over 45 member countries. ADB recognizes that Information and
> Communication Technology (ICT) is a powerful force in shaping the social
> and economic development of Asia and Pacific, potentially helping
> developing countries leapfrog stages of economic development.
> ADB has adopted a strategic approach to assist its developing member
> countries seize the opportunities created by ICT. This approach will
> support ICT-related activities in ADB's developing member countries to
> enhance the impact of ADB's poverty reduction strategy and other
> development activities. As the use of ICT is a new strategy at ADB, we
> are developing ways to integrate ICT into the projects that are being
> funded by ADB.
> *Web Specialist Requirement*
> We are seeking to fill a position at the ADB that will involve:
> * Overseeing all aspects of technical support of ADB's external web site
> and certain electronic publishing activities;
> * Supervising the technical direction and growth of the internet web
> site to ensure application of appropriate technologies and support
> resources;
> * Planning, monitoring, and administering the acquisition of computer
> hardware and software for web site operations;
> * Initiating the development, testing, implementation, and evaluation of
> new online applications;
> * Supervising Internet web server operations (Windows NT2000 platform)
> for supporting the ADB web site and a web hosting agreement with a major
> telecommunications firm;
> * Identifying ways to improve the usability of the web site and
> developing appropriate technical solutions; and
> * Liaising and collaborating with key departments, e.g., Office of
> Information Systems and Technology, Central Operations Services Office,
> on web-related technical issues.
> The requirements for this position include:
> * A university degree in a relevant discipline;
> * At least five (5) years web experience, including internet networking
> and digital media (preferably at least three should be within a
> multilateral organization or similar institution);
> * The ability to design and maintain a complex web site that manages
> over 20,000 files, as well as to handle the publication of a web style
> guide for technical specifications;
> * The ability to synthesize various disciplines, e.g. information
> architecture, user interface design, database development, programming,
> and graphic design;
> * Proven experience in producing and managing a complex web site with
> database back-end support; and
> * Experience in integrating legacy information systems and third party
> software into the site's workflow.
> ADB offers an internationally competitive salary paid in US dollars.
> Salaries and benefits are generally free of tax except for citizens of
> some countries, primarily the USA and the Philippines, whose incomes are
> taxed by their respective governments. ADB staff members are expected
> to serve in any location outside Headquarters. Applicants should be
> nationals of one of ADB's member countries. For further information,
> please visit <> and look for Employment under Resources.
> Send CV and cover letter by fax,  mail or online using MS Excel format
> quoting Ref. No. 01-081  by 26 September 2001 to:
> Tel. No. (632) 632-4444
> Fax No. (632) 636-2550
> Women are actively encouraged to apply.  Only shortlisted candidates
> will be notified.
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