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From: Williams Nwagwu, [EMAIL PROTECTED]
To: All INSTAW members

Dear Colleague,
I am an Information Scientist at the Africa Regional
Center for Information Science (ARCIS), University of
Ibadan, Nigeria. I am an INSTRAW member. Currently I
HEALTH LITERATURE IN NIGERIA. It is a self- sponsored
and intensive project. Issues related to coauthorship
have been current in the discourses in the field of
Informetric for sometime now. But there is
identifiable effort by anyone or any of the indexing
organizations I know, to relate the phenomenon to the
gender discourse.

Meanwhile I need to know the situation with scholars
from other countries regarding the phenomenon I have
mentioned, and how I can benefit fro their experiences
and related works in their own environments.

Issues raised in this study will be good experiences
to share in conferences and also to contribute for
primary publication. Scholars who have access to
reading materials, conferences and networks regarding
the gender differentials in scientific communication,
particularly and in Informetrics generally, will help
this project by connecting with me.

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