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From: Peter Mtema [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2002 2:54 AM
Subject: ICTs in Women Organisations in MALAWI

I attach a proposal I have written to conduct a survey on use of ICT among
women NGOs in Malawi, a country in the sub-sahara Africa.
Much as my university is interested (and others too) in this sort of
research, it is not easy to find funding for it. To carry out the study, I
need about $5,500 dollars.

I have also attached a a schedule and a detailed budget for your perusal. I
hope there is somebody in this group who is interested in this study and is
willing to fund it. The proposal can be adapted to suit areas that the
funding agency may be interested in and are not covered in the research
instrument which is also included.

I hope to hear from members of the network.

Peter B. MTEMA, MSc
Lecturer in Computer Science
University of Malawi
Chancellor College
P.O. Box 280


tel +265 524 221(h) +265 524 222(o) +265 877 291(mobile) +265 526 391(fax)

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