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WOUGNET Update Newsletter - May 2002
Here is a list of what's new at the Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET)
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= Namalemba Bugweri Association (NABA)
Namalemba Bugweri Association was established in 2001 for the
benefit, in particular, of women and children from the district of
Iganga, eastern Uganda, who  may be residence in the country or
abroad. The mission is to relieve poverty, sickness and distress,
advance education, and provide and assist in the provision of
facilities for recreation in the interests of social welfare and with
the aim of improving conditions of life.

= Lungujja Women's Association - KITE Grant Recipient
Lungujja Women's Association (LWA) receives its computer grant from
Keys to Information, Technology, and Education (KITE). The computer
equipment will benefit LWA members, as well as other women in the
Rubaga district of Kampala. The Association will be able to calculate
their interest payments electronically, leaving them with more time to
spend on other projects. They will also be able to research business
strategies online, use e-mail and web discussion forums to network
with other women's organizations, and eventually train others in the
use of computer technology. (Page includes photos taken at LWA)

In addition, read about the LWA project from KITE's perspective in
"Working with the Lungujja Women's Association" by Chloe Puett, KITE
Communication Director.


a) African/International Women Organisations

= Tam Tam Femme
Tam Tam Femme is a Women's International Association. It is
apolitical, nonprofit, open to all women, with no distinction of
race, belief, or nationality. Tam Tam Femme helps all women
travelling to Africa to live a rich, positive and informed
experience. Our network of women can provide practical information
before the travel and support upon arrival in Africa. Tam Tam Femme
also promotes the exchange of ideas, suggestions and information on
experiences in Africa and spreads information about associations,
projects, activities and initiatives of local women.

b) Development

= Abundant Life For All Ministries
Abundant Life For All Ministries (ALFA Ministries) became a fully
registered Voluntary Christian Development Organisation in 2000;
working in Uganda to promote rural community development initiatives
and projects that focus on community participation, capacity building
and ensuring that women, children and youths are the immediate

c) Education

= Connect-ED: Connectivity for Educator Development
In close cooperation with Uganda's Ministry of Education and within
the framework of the U.S. Education for Development and Democracy
Initiative (EDDI), this Academy for Educational Development/LearnLink
implemented project is increasing computer literacy among teachers
and equipping 9 educational centers. In addition,  Connect-ED is
working with the Institute for Teacher Education (ITEK) in preparing
a multimedia, online teacher training curriculum based  on a
student-centered learning approach and the Ugandan core curriculum;
it is enabling  teachers and student teachers to  integrate ICTs into
the classroom.

d) Health

= Women Connect! project
The Women Connect! project mission is to bring about greater
empowerment of women through the effective use of communication
strategies in media and technology to improve women's health and
well-being. In-country activities for the Women Connect! project have
now concluded. A copy of the project evaluation is available by
contacting Muadi Mukenge, Program Officer for Africa at
[EMAIL PROTECTED] The project was administered by the Pacific
Institute for Women's Health.

= Roll Back Malaria (RBM)
The UN General Assembly has designated 2001-2010 the decade to Roll
Back Malaria in developing countries, particularly in Africa. Roll
Back Malaria is a global partnership to halve the world's malaria
burden by 2010. On April 25, 2002, Africa Malaria Day will be
celebrated throughout Africa, marking the second anniversary of the
signing of the Abuja Declaration where 44 African Heads of State
committed themselves to intensifying actions to roll back malaria.
The 2002 theme of the day is "Mobilising Communities to Roll Back
Malaria" highlighting the essential function of communities in the
fight against malaria.

e) ICT-related organisations

= Choike: A Portal on Southern Civil Societies
"Choike" is a portal made from a Southern perspective, intended to
help users with a specific interest in the issues of particular
concern for developing countries. "Choike" is a product of NGONET, a
project started in 1991 to help Southern NGOs benefit from the new
information and communication  technologies. It is hosted in
Montevideo, Uruguay, by ITeM (Third World Institute), an independent
non-profit organization that also hosts the secretariat of Social
Watch and Third World Network-Latin America.

f) Rights

= Human Rights Education Associates (HREA)
Human Rights Education Associates is an international
non-governmental organisation that supports human rights learning;
the training of activists and professionals; the development of
educational materials and programming; and community-building
through on-line technologies. HREA organises distance learning
courses for human rights activists. HREA's web site also includes  an
extensive Resource Centre and Human Rights Learning Centre.

= Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA)
The Media Institute of Southern Africa is a non-governmental
organisation with members in 11 of the Southern Africa Development
Community (SADC) countries.  MISA focuses primarily on the need to
promote free, independent and pluralistic media, as envisaged in
the 1991 Windhoek  Declaration. MISA seeks ways in which to promote
the free flow of information and co-operation  between media workers,
as a principal means of nurturing democracy and human rights in

= Foundation for Human Rights Initiative
Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (FHRI) is an independent,
non-governmental, non-partisan and not-for-profit human rights
organisation established in December 1991 with a vision of building
a strong democratic and human rights culture as a foundation for
peace, stability, democracy and sustainable development.

g) Women/Gender

= African Women. Guide to Internet Resources.
An annotated directory of information, on the internet, about women
in Africa. Full text articles, women's organizations, bibliographies,
discussion lists. Based at Stanford University, California.

h) General resources

= Transportation Assistance Program
Mobile Outreach Ministry, a non-profit organization based in the
U.S., has  recently changed its name to 'Africa Center for Peace and
Democracy'.  They feel that the new name better reflects their
mission and goals.  Their programs will remain the same but the name
of the Aid Recovery Program has also changed.  It is now called
'Transportation Assistance Program'.  The center's other program is a
Conflict Management and Peacebuilding Program. Through this program,
they practice Preventive Diplomacy in those  areas with a potential
for violent conflict. They also work for a more just and humane U.S.
foreign policy in Africa.


June 2002

= Online Conference: Information Access for Rural Women,
    June 3 - 21, 2002
Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) invites you to participate in an
online conference on "Information Access for Rural Women".
Information, communication and entertainment are as critical for
rural living as they are for urban living, and indeed there is
increasing demand for information and communication equipment and
services in rural areas. However, major challenges exist in terms of
available means of information access and dissemination as well as
how to operate the audio-visual systems used in rural areas.
Conference details and registration are available in:
English -  http://www.wougnet.org/Events/iarw.html
French -  http://www.wougnet.org/Events/iarw_fr.html

= Entrepreneurship Training Programme for Women,
     June 10 - 28, 2002
With the support of Global Fund For Women (GFW), NVIWODA Centre for
Entrepreneurship and Career Develoment has since 1998 to-date, been
able to train 377 women entrepreneurs, who are now engaged in various
enterprises. 0ur 12th programme is scheduled for 10th June - 28th
June and 25 participants are expected to benefit from the programme.

September 2002

= Africamix Collective Volunteer Pledge for Needy Children Festival,
     September 7-8, 2002
The Africamix Collective Volunteer Pledge for Needy Children festival
in Uganda is a two day long alcohol-free outdoor celebration that
focuses on fostering and encouraging utilizing of multicultural arts
nd music celebrations to help combat child abuse and neglect. The
volunteer-organized and oriented traveling arts and music festival
provides a forum for volunteer guest speakers to promote public
awareness of the ongoing impact of child abuse. The Africamix
festival will take place in 20 countries, strengthening  and bringing
people together to celebrate their diversity.

To list your event/news on the WOUGNET website, send details about
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Uganda Media Women's Association (UMWA) is  an association of
professional women journalists. The primary goal is to promote
interactive communication and to enhance visibility and status among
the less advantaged groups so that equal gender relations can be

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