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Subj: Women for Peace
Date:   4/29/02

To whom it may concern,

My name is Dana J. Agmon. I am an international politics and philosophy
student in New York City.
I am also an Israeli. Recently I started a movement of Israeli and Arab
women for peace and am addressing you to ask you to spread the news.
I will be very thankful if you can organize as many women as you can find
that are interested in finding solution to the most terrible problem, and
are willing to act upon it. I would like to talk to them and introduce the
movement with more detail.
I already have a radio show (democracy now) interested in this, yet it is
difficult to find people in their twenties that are as devoted to this cause
as me, and I decided to turn to other universities from around the world.

Thank you,
Dana J Agmon
Dana J Agmon
244 Madison Ave.
New York, NY

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