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Electronic Forum on the WORLD FOOD SUMMIT: five years later

Progress towards ending hunger will be the subject of a global meeting
hosted by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) from
June 10-13 in Rome. The "World Food Summit: five years later" will track
progress since the 1996 Summit and consider ways to accelerate the process.
In preparation, the Development Gateway is sponsoring an electronic
discussion on political will and resource mobilization, two major themes of
the Summit.

Background materials for the E-forum and the Summit are available on the
Development Gateway. Go to http://www.developmentgateway.org/foodsecurity/
and see the top "Key Issue" in the left-hand column. Especially recommended
are the materials prepared for the Summit on 'Mobilizing the Political Will
and Resources to Banish World Hunger' which will be the focus of the
discussions. Also, in the right-hand column, click on "Become a Member" to
receive updates from the site. You will then by notified by e-mail when we
publish an introductory interview with Hartwig de Haen of the FAO.

The E-forum will run from May 13 to June 7 and, subject to interest, will
continue during the Summit. You can post messages in English, French or
Spanish, and weekly summaries will be published in those languages. A brief
will be prepared during the fourth week of the discussions to be shared
with participants. A final report will be made available after the Summit.
The moderator will be Jean-Charles Le Vallee, the Food Security Guide for
the Development Gateway.

To take part in the discussion, which starts on May 13, sign-up now by
sending a blank email address to: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

To join the Development Gateway Food Security portal, and view background
materials for the E-forum, go to:

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