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Dear colleagues,

Greetings from Vilnius!
I'm sending you interesting news from Lithuania and would like to ask you to
place that in your Internet news bulletin.

Dovile Rukaite
Women's Issues Information Center

 Lithuanian health minister revokes requirement for future women
 drivers to visit gynecologist

Lithuanian Health Care Minister Romualdas Dobrovolskis has revoked the
requirement for women to visit a gynecologist as part of their medical
examination before obtaining driver's license.
The minister passed the decision to revoke the requirement only more than
five months after the Lithuanian Equal Opportunities for Women and Men
Ombudsman Ausrine Burneikiene remarked that the requirement mentioned should
not be applied to women.
According to the revoked requirement of preventive medical examinations, it
was mandatory for women to have a gynecological check-up before obtaining
driver's license, whereas men were not required to visit an urologist.
Indignant at the requirement, a 24-year-old lawyer from the city of
Panevezys in northern Lithuania addressed the Equal Opportunities for Women
and Men Ombudsman last October.
Having investigated the complaint, Burneikiene announced in early January
that no gynecological illness could become an obstacle for women to get
driver's licenses.
The ombudsman proposed to the health care minister to amend the document
regulating driver's medical examination.
The procedure was changed five months after the ombudsman expressed her
position concerning the requirement in early May.

Women's Issues Information Center (WIIC),
Internet: www.undp.lt/wiic

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