It isn't currently possible to delete datasets from within workflows.  If I'm 
understanding your situation correctly, to simplify the view of a history after 
running a workflow, you could use the workflow output toggle (the asterisk next 
to each output in the workflow editor view) and select only the particular 
outputs you actually want to see.  The rest of the outputs are still in the 
destination history, but hidden from view by default.  This won't help you with 
disk space, though, so you might also want to use the new functionality 
available for placing the results of a workflow in a new history to accomplish 
what you want, deleting the previous history that was cluttered with inputs 
after the workflow has run.

Regarding the Galaxy API, you can look at the README file in  the scripts/api/ 
directory of your galaxy installation (also at
 for a some examples and hints to get you started.  More detailed documentation 
should be available soon though.


On Jan 20, 2011, at 4:15 AM, Kempenaar, M (med) wrote:

> Hello,
> Is it possible to let a tool in a workflow manage the users history? For 
> instance, I have a tool that takes a variable number of user-uploaded CSV 
> files as input and merges them into one file. Before running this tool, the 
> user thus has a number of CSV files in the history which I would like to 
> 'replace' with the single merged file.
> I was hoping that when I remove a file from disk that it would also be 
> removed from the history, but that only results in a 'The resource could not 
> be found.' error.
> Alternatively, is it possible to create a composite datafile/history item 
> from uploaded files? In any case, I would like to remove the separately 
> uploaded files from the users history which makes selecting files for the 
> next step(s) easier.
> (this is a bit of a followup for: 
> One other question, is there (any) documentation available on the Galaxy API 
> or a set of example files?
> Thanks for your input!
> Regards,
> Marcel.
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