As an admin I have created a data library on our local instance of galaxy, created folders in that library and added datasets using 'upload files from filesystem paths' option, choosing not to copy the data into Galaxy, which then loads all the files in the given directory into the data library.

Is there a way to refresh this list automatically? so that if a new file is added into that directory it will appear in the data library? or do I have to add new files in that directory manually, giving the path to the new file?

I am also having a problem with creating sub folders - I choose to create sub folder from the drop down list and it reports that the sub folder has been created but I cant see it, and I cant click on the blue triangles to the left of the folders either. Does anyone else have this problem?

Any help would be appreciated,
Thanks, Nicki

Nicki Gray
MRC Molecular Haematology Unit
01865 222434

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