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> Hi
> As an admin I have created a data library on our local instance of galaxy, 
> created folders in that library and added datasets using
> 'upload files from filesystem paths' option, choosing not to copy the data 
> into Galaxy, which then loads all the files in the given directory into the 
> data library.
> Is there a way to refresh this list automatically? so that if a new file is 
> added into that directory it will appear in the data library?
> or do I have to add new files in that directory manually, giving the path to 
> the new file?

You could write a script that polls the desired directory and uses Galaxy's API 
to upload new files.  See <galaxy install dir>/scripts/api/README for some 
information.  The distribution includes a script in this same directory to 
upload library datasets ( library_upload_from_import_dir.py ).

> I am also having a problem with creating sub folders - I choose to create sub 
> folder from the drop down list and it reports that the sub folder has been 
> created but I cant see it, and I cant click on the blue triangles to the left 
> of the folders either. Does anyone else have this problem?

Assuming you are adding sub-folders from the Shared Data -> Data Libraries view 
( and not the Admin - Manage data libraries view ), this may be a result of 
permissions that have been placed on the library or parent folder in which you 
are adding sub-folders.  The behavior you see could be a bug, but if so, I'll 
need some help tracking it down.  Can you confirm from what view you are adding 
hte sub-folders, and what the permissions are on the parent folder and library?


Greg Von Kuster

> Any help would be appreciated,
> Thanks, Nicki
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