Hi Nate,

If there are problems with this method please do let us know so we can
look in to it.

Your thoughts about using the FTP upload as you describe should work
fine.  Unfortunately it is not written so generically, so you'll need to
set an FTP server name in the appropriate option in the config file
despite not having one, which will be displayed in the help text on the
upload form.  However, this server name is not verified in any way and
can be any string.

I'm trying to set up a directory using FTP Upload (without an FTP server :-)) 
as discussed above.

I added a test directory for the a user 'auser'

ftp_upload_dir = /data/galaxy/
ftp_upload_site = localhost

to the universe.ini

We are using LDAP, so I set up a test directory called


but having added a file in can't see anything in the FTP upload
section or the 'Files uploaded via FTP' section even when 'auser' is
logged in.

Is there something else I need to do?

This should be it - are you certain the email in Galaxy exactly matches
the email used in the directory name (it's case-sensitive)?


And this
may be a silly question, but are you running a new enough revision that
has the FTP Upload code?

I think so. Just to double check is there a definitive way I can tell? In 

<param name="ftp_files" type="ftpfile" label="Files uploaded via FTP"/>


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