On 21/02/2011 14:56, Nate Coraor wrote:
Steve Taylor wrote:

I think so. Just to double check is there a definitive way I can tell? In 

<param name="ftp_files" type="ftpfile" label="Files uploaded via FTP"/>

So I got this to work by hacking basic.py.

     def visible( self ):
         self.tool.app.config.ftp_upload_dir = '/data/galaxy'
         self.tool.app.config.ftp_upload_site = 'localhost'

I can now see my files in my user directory. What is the best part of the code 
to use log.warning() to see what's going on? How can tell if it is reading the 
ini file ok?

Hi Steve, sorry for not getting back to you.  I hadn't realized there
was a question here when I originally skimmed the email.

This can be done in lib/galaxy/config.py

My next question is based on permissions. It looks like galaxy has to own the 
file (as nobody in your example) to upload and remove it from the directory. 
I'd like to change it to be more forceful, which would allow galaxy to remove 
the file if group owned by nobody.  What module/lines do this and what impact 
would such a change have?

This would likely have to be done in the tools/data_source/upload.py

Thanks, I'll have a look.

We are going to be working on more general methods to allow for local
file uploads in typical lab environments like yours where Galaxy users
have access to (at least part of) the local filesystem, which would
hopefully make this less of a hack for you.

That sounds very good. Basically it would be good to have file browser type functionality. We are planning on having designated areas that users can put files (or even sym links) in and see their data without uploading it. There are obviously permission issues involved in this that need some management, so I'd be interested in hearing the ideas planned.

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