Hi Liisa

When setting this up on our own local instance to get bigwig files to display in Gbrowse we edited:

1. universe_wsgi.ini
2. tool-data/shared/gbrowse/gbrowse_build_sites.txt
3.  datatypes_conf.xml

so that it includes

<display file="gbrowse/gbrowse_wig.xml" />

4. and in display_applications/gbrowse/ make sure you have the relevant xml files

eg gbrowse_wig.xml, gbrowse_bigwig.xml

Nicki Gray
MRC Molecular Haematology Unit

On 7 Feb 2011, at 19:03, Liisa Koski wrote:

I have just installed Galaxy and am trying to configure it to allow display of data on my local installation of GBrowse.

I have edited tool-data/shared/gbrowse/gbrowse_build_sites.txt (species http://domain.ca/cgi-bin/gbrowse/species species)

As well as universe_wsgi.ini (gbrowse_display_sites = species)

However I do not see a link in history items after I stop and start the server.

Is there something else I'm missing?

Thanks in advance for your help,

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