On Mar 30, 2011, at 8:34 AM, Kostas Karasavvas wrote:

> Hi Glen,
>>> Good to know. I assume that currently that is not happening though,
>>> right? If yes, is it in your immediate plans?
>> It should happen now - each step in the workflow would get submitted as a 
>> separate job to the cluster.  At that point it is up to the job scheduler 
>> and not Galaxy to determine where the job is run.
> Ah, great. So if two connected tasks run on different nodes how is
> data movement between these nodes handled?  Is there a distr. file
> system used to take care of that or it's being done "manually"?
> Thanks you!
> Kostas

the job should copy its output files into the Galaxy database/files directory 
before it terminates.  So assuming you are not using data staging and the 
database directory is shared via NFS, then the next tool will read the files 
from this location.  There is an option to stage files if you use TORQUE, but I 
think most sites use the network shared storage approach.

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