On 04/13/2011 12:30 PM, Dave Walton wrote:
Is there anyway to access the value of fields that are part of the workflow.  Taking the 
"Input Dataset" example, that is an input file that goes into my next module.  I'd like 
to grab the name of that input file, and then append it with a new extension.  So if the module is 
grooming fastq, I'd like to grab my file name that is given to the fastq groomer, and append 
".fastqsanger" to it, and have that be my output file name.

Is this possible?
Right now, no, none of those attributes are available through the parameter replacement mechanism, it's currently just a simple text substitution. I do like the idea of exposing certain attributes though, that's something I can look into.

I suppose, for now, you could do something like "${input_filename_stub}.fastqsanger" for your example step, combining the parameter tag with some static text, and that would work. The entire input doesn't have to get replaced.

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