This is probably not a galaxy problem at all, however it is manifesting
itself in the history pane of galaxy. The history widgets don't expand
-- everything else works fine. 

The relevant javascript error looks to be:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'init' of undefined
 init_history_items galaxy.base.js:468
 updater history:32
 jQuery.extend.ready jquery.js:392
 DOMContentLoaded jquery.js:745

I saw a previous post which is related to an update of galaxy, however,
I haven't updated galaxy, but rather my OS (in fact the problem occurs
in Firefox/Chrome; I'm ubuntu 11.04). 

Creating a new user doesn't help, restarting server doesn't help. 

Any thoughts on this, and once again I apologize for the fact that this
isn't galaxy per se. 


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