Hi all,

I recently started trying out the "Share workflow" functionality on
our local Galaxy, so that I could make available some general interest
workflows to all our users, rather than sharing them with individuals
one by one. However, once published, it was not easy to find them! I
eventually found them under the "Shared Data" drop down menu entry
"Published Workflows" (yet "Shared" workflows are not on this menu).
The captions "Shared" and "Published" seem to be used inconsistently.

Maybe the top level "Shared Data" menu should be renamed to "Shared
Resources" or "Published Resources"?

To me, workflows are not data, and so should not be under "Shared
Data". Rather, I expected them to be under the "Workflow" menu. Is the
separation because in order to run or edit a  "Published Workflows",
you must first import it?

Perhaps a simple solution would be a note and link at the bottom of
the main "Workflow" page directing people to the  "Published
Workflows" page under the "Shared Data" drop down menu.

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