Hi all,

In my recent email I mentioned problems with our setup and mapped drives. I
am running a test Galaxy on a server under a CIFS mapped drive. If I map the
drive with noperms then things seem to work with submitting jobs to the cluster
etc, but that doesn't seem secure at all. Mounting with strict permissions seems
to cause various network latency related problems in Galaxy though.

Specifically during loading the converters and history export tool,
Galaxy creates
a temporary XML file which it then tries to parse. I was able to resolve this by
switching from tempfile.TemporaryFile to tempfile.mkstemp and adding a 1s
sleep, but it isn't very elegant. Couldn't you use a StringIO handle instead?

Later during start up there were two errors with a similar issue -
Galaxy creates
a temp folder then immediately tries to write a tar ball or zip file
to it. Again,
adding a 1 second sleep after creating the directory before using it seems to
work. See lib/galaxy/web/controllers/dataset.py

After that Galaxy started, but still gives problems - like the issue
reported here
which Galaxy handled badly (see patch):

Here again, inserting a one second sleep between writing the cluster script
file and setting its permissions made it work.

If those are the only issues, that can be dealt with. But are there likely to be
lots more similar problems of this nature later on? That is my worry.

How are most people setting up mapped drives for Galaxy with a cluster?


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