On Fri, Jul 29, 2011 at 5:09 PM, Duddy, John <jdu...@illumina.com> wrote:
> We had similar problems on NFS mounts to Isilon. We traced it to
> the default timeout for attribute caching on NFS mounts, which
> does not force a re-read of directory contents (hence file existence
> or size) for up to 30 seconds.
> We worked around it by adding no-ac to the mount, but this can
> drastically increase the network traffic to the isilon, so there are
> tradeoffs to be made.
> Even when you solve this, nfsv2 does not have open-close write
> consistency, so it is possible for a job to complete on a node and
> Galaxy to try to read the output files while the compute node is
> still flushing its write cache to the file.
> All of these scenarios are unlikely on a busy cluster, on which
> job<->Galaxy interactions will likely occur far enough apart in
> time for the caches to clear on their own.
> John Duddy

Thanks for your comments John, it's good to know others
have run into similar issues.

You may be right that on a real test load many of these issues
would go away - but at least some of the problems I was seeing
were at start-up or job submission time (and thus prior to the
cluster actually running the job).

We may need to re-organise our network topology, right now
there are probably too many routers/hubs/switches between
the Galaxy server and the cluster and associated storage,
making the mapped drive less responsive than it could be.


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