Dear Galaxy developers,

Our institution is trying solve our storage problem (we need lots,
especially for NGS data, and someone needs to fund it).  What we would like
to be able to do, is based on some criteria control in what location a file
gets written to disk.

This criteria could be an individual user, a role or group they belong to,
or a project the file is associated with.

What we'd like to know are the following 3 things:
1) Is anyone already working on something like this?

2) Are there other institutions that would be interested in this type of

3) If we were to attempt to implement this ourselves, would anyone be
interested in giving us some input with respect to how to implement and how
to make it generic enough to meet the needs of most institutions?  If we're
going to do it, we'll need to be able to produce an estimate of what the
effort would be like so that we could get institutional funding to develop
the functionality.

Thanks for any input you can provide.


Dave Walton
Computational Sciences
The Jackson Laboratory
Bar Harbor, Maine

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