On Sep 2, 2011, at 9:57 AM, Nate Coraor wrote:

> ...
>> Chatting to some of the Galaxy team at BOSC/ISMB 2011
>> there is some support for this internally. Again, there are
>> automated tools to do this.
>>> would anyone be willing to add the appropriate hooks to
>>> the central repository as well?
>> As long as there are no false positives identified during
>> the initial tab/space conversion that seems sensible to
>> prevent new tabs creeping in. But not essential.
> We can't add custom hooks to the bitbucket repository and we don't have
> an intermediate local repository that we all push changesets through.
> --nate

The same applies for most public repos like bitbucket; github is the same (only 
post-receive is allowed there).  I'm unsure whether repository hooks are stored 
on github, but they are definitely ignored (only specific post-receive hooks 
are allowed, and these are set up via the github admin API).

With git the only way I can think of to set something like this up is 
client-side (pre/post-commit, or pre-push), then maybe have a separate 
post-checkout hook to set everything up after a clone.  I assume hg has a 
similar mechanism.


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