Good Morning,

I have had the following issue reported to me by one of our users and I have 
confirmed the behaviour.

Hi Mike,

I'm looking at the new Galaxy at http://jic55666:8080/root and I have found a 

If I import a dataset from the data libraries, then stuff runs OK.

If I upload a dataset from a file I get the following problems.

1. I can view data preview in history item, but can't view data in main panel 
(by clicking on the eye) 2. Tools run on file-uploaded data execute OK and 
appear to produce output (again viewable in history item), but data can't be 
viewed in main panel.

3. Downloading any datasets created from file-uploaded dataset, result in an 
empty file.

4. If I upload a file to Galaxy and then save it back to disk, it's empty.

Some further specifics on our install

galaxy@jic55666:~/software/galaxy-central$ hg tip

changeset:   6042:2469c53051ea

tag:         tip

user:        Daniel Blankenberg <>

date:        Sun Sep 25 13:27:14 2011 -0400

summary:     Some random lines tool tweaks.



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