On Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 5:09 PM, Duddy, John <jdu...@illumina.com> wrote:
> I agree with the risks you cited.
> There is a risk in the other direction that I think is even scarier -
> without the ability to add data types, tool authors may be forced
> to use a "typeless" system, declaring all inputs/outputs as "data"
> or "text". While this works, it has the same drawbacks as typeless
> programming languages - deferring error detection to runtime,
> impairing the ability to perform static analysis, inability to perform
> transparent type conversions - in other words, the tools have to
> take over responsibilities from the framework.
> Like all interesting problems, I don't think there is an "obviously
> right" answer ;-}
> John Duddy

Indeed. I'm going with lobbying the Galaxy to include new
datatypes when I need them (InterProScan XML in on my
todo list, perhaps v4 and v5 as two types), but I've been
able to get a long with with "tabular" as a tool output.

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