Can any applications in Galaxy use GPU hardware (e.g. for processing next gen 



PS: From Enis's reply to a post from last year, it looked like the answer was 
no at the time

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> Also, Amazon has so-called "cluster" instances, and now GPU cluster
> instances. Again, the same idea applies: can specific tools be told to only
> run on such a cluster instance?  Further ahead, could Galaxy be configured
> to automatically start/stop specific instances only when needed (including
> cluster instances)?
Because MPI-type jobs are the only true beneficiaries of the cluster instances, 
but only a handful of bioinformatics software are actually implemented using 
MPI and because those instances require a different AMI, we do not currently 
have support for that type of instances - maybe down the line.
Nonetheless, in the coming new version Galaxy Cloud (currently being tested), 
the application will be able to automatically scale the size of the cluster 
based on the current workload.

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