I'm working on unpacking a zip file into multiple datasets.

I think this is the code path

new_history_upload or new_library_upload

Then a job gets spooled
Which calles add_file in

And does the expansion of the zip

I can unpack the zip and create files in the dataset's path there.

But I don't know how to create more dataset associations, and I'm not sure that 
it makes sense to create datasets on the fly in  data_source/upload.py .

Should I pass some information along with data_source/upload.py about how to 
create dataset object and associate them with  library/history associations?
Or maybe I can pass in some kind of a callback that can handle the dataset 
(I'm pretty new to python, but it seems similar to ruby)

I thought about a composite dataset, but that seems like overloading that 
concept.  Really the files I'm thinking about uplaoding are 8 independent BAMs 
or fastqs or whatever – not a set of files that are related to each other.

Any suggestions?

Brad Langhorst
New England Biolabs

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