I've created a java app tested it from the command line and put it in the
shared/jars folder. It runs for a while and then the history item turns
red. If I view the dataset output though, everything is as should be, i.e.
the expected output from the tool is seen.
If I click on the view error 'bug' this is what I see:

"Tool execution generated the following error message:
                    21-Dec-2011 17:08:14
org.biojava3.genome.parsers.gff.GFF3Reader read
INFO: Gff.read(): Reading

This is the output from org.biojava3.genome.parsers.gff and I have no way
of switching that off.
Can anyone suggest a way to handle this output so that it doesn't throw an
error. I need the output from this tool to use as input to other tools.
Many thanks,

Dr. Graham Etherington
Bioinformatics Support Officer,
The Sainsbury Laboratory,
Norwich Research Park,
Norwich NR4 7UH.
Tel: +44 (0)1603 450601

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