Including a tool in a section of one of the tool configs that populates the 
Galaxy tool panel is only relevant to the Galaxy instance, not a Galaxy tool 
shed.  If a user installs a tool shed repository from a tool shed to their 
local Galaxy instance, they can choose a specific section label in which to 
load the tool into their tool panel at the time of installation.  See

On Dec 27, 2011, at 4:25 PM, Aaron Quinlan wrote:

> Hi Greg,
> In a previous email (below) you mentioned that the tool_conf.xml is not 
> necessary for tool shed repos.  Consequently, is there no way to add section 
> labels when a repo includes multiple tools?  For example, I'd like to have 
> section labels like the Picard tools have (e.g., "CONVERSION", "QC 
> METRICS...") on the main site.
> Is this possible somehow?
> Best,
> Aaron
> On Nov 23, 2011, at 9:51 AM, Greg Von Kuster wrote:
>>> Here is my current repo including just one tool:
>> This looks good, but a couple of comments:
>> 1. There is no longer any use for suite_config.xml - it was used in the old 
>> version of the tool shed, but is no longer used.
>> 2. Including tool_conf.xml is not necessary - nothing is done with it.
>> 3. Support for data types used by your tools that are not included in the 
>> Galaxy distribution will be available soon, so if your tools use them, you 
>> can include code files that include classes that support them.  More 
>> information about this will soon be available in the tool shed wiki, but let 
>> me know if you have questions about this.  Your current tool doesn't fall 
>> into this category.
>> 4. Make sure that your tool configs include the <requirements> tag sets if 
>> the tool has a dependency.  This is the tag set that will enable the use of 
>> the future fabric scripts discussed above.  See the section of our tool 
>> config syntax wiki for details: 

Greg Von Kuster
Galaxy Development Team

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