Hi Greg,

I am in the process of trying to develop a set of Galaxy wrappers for the tools 
in my bedtools suite.  I have read the Toolshed wiki, but I am still struggling 
with some very basic questions that I hope you can help me with.

1.  How should a tarball repository be structured for the toolshed?  For 
example, bedtools currently includes a Makefile plus a src/ directory and 
sub-directories for each tool.  The compiled objects go to obj/ and the 
binaries to bin/.  By reading the wiki I gather that I also need to add a new 
directory that contains an XML wrapper for each tool.  Is that correct?  Is 
there a specific name for said directory that is expected by the Toolshed?

2.  Do you have an example repository that has a similar structure to what is 
described in #1?  This would be very helpful as a means to follow the lead of 
something that already works.

I apologize if answers to these questions are made abundantly clear somewhere 
yet I have somehow missed it.


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