I'm trying to use the update.py script and is not clear for me what to
use for 'url' in the usage line:
usage: create.py key url [key=value ...].

Which I'm guessing is just a carry over from create.py.

I tried passing the direct link to the dataset:
$ ./update.py <my_key>
HTTP Error 404: Not Found
404 Not Found
The resource could not be found.
No action for /api/histories/0397e7c5778be5ee/contents/45d854c903d27dcf

Just to show you this dataset does exists:
$ ./display.py <my_key>
Member Information
misc_blurb: 4.3 Gb
name: BMD01.GAIIx.1.fastq
data_type: fastqillumina
deleted: False
state: ok
download_url: /datasets/45d854c903d27dcf/display?to_ext=fastqillumina
visible: True
genome_build: ?
model_class: HistoryDatasetAssociation
metadata_sequences: None
file_size: 4644313368
metadata_data_lines: None
id: 45d854c903d27dcf
misc_info: uploaded fastq file
metadata_dbkey: ?

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