On Feb 8, 2012, at 10:07 AM, Jennifer Jackson wrote:

> Hello Alex,
> Both of these tools are in the Tool Shed. An easy way to locate these (and to 
> search for tools/wrappers related to Galaxy in general) is:
> http://galaxy.psu.edu/search/getgalaxy/
> More about the Tool shed:
> http://wiki.g2.bx.psu.edu/Tool%20Shed
> More about the searches:
> http://wiki.g2.bx.psu.edu/News/Custom%20Galaxy%20Search
> Hopefully you have found these already, or this helps, or perhaps you are 
> malex? In any case, I noticed this older thread didn't have a reply, the Tool 
> Shed additions are newer (late Nov, early Dec), and this looked like a good 
> opportunity share how the new searches can quickly answer questions like this.
> Take care,
> Jen
> Galaxy team

Hi Jennifer,

I am "malex". I ended up writing those wrappers and submitting them to the tool 


Alex M. a.k.a malex :)

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