I've been writing several wrapper-files for statistical tools, and I was 
wondering whether it was possible to enhance the tool-interface currently 
available in the Galaxy web-interface. Ideally, I am looking for options to 
already display (some) tool-feedback in the user-interface of a tool dependent 
on the dataset selected from the "history" and user-defined parameters. An 
example would be a graph re-drawing itself every time the user selects a 
different dataset or alters a parameter, but simple text-feedback that 
dynamically updates itself would be a great start already. The "execute" button 
is now the only way to run code on user-input, and this makes Galaxy a rather 
cumbersome environment in the case of tools that require many iterations (or 
just when playing around with parameters).

So far, the only limited example I've seen of such "dynamic feedback" is when 
the user select a matrix from her "history" and Galaxy is able to read the 
amount of columns, which strictly speaking is a form of generating immediate 
feedback on the basis of user-selected input, but of course I'd like to define 
the code myself that is run on the input and what sort of feedback is derived 
and displayed from this.

I have seen the new "visualizations" section of Galaxy, which indeed allows for 
some of this, but it is clearly separate from the standard tool-funcitonality 
of Galaxy, and it does not allow for workflows (whereas the above functionality 
does not clash with workflows, which simply needs to access the static version 
of the tool).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Tim Dorscheidt
Scientific Programmer
Biosystems Data Analysis group, SILS
University of Amsterdam

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