Hi everybody

This is kind of an embarrassing question, but I am struggling to get the "display at UCSC" to work.

Finally after several years, our sysadmin agreed to change the Apache configuration (which handles the authentication via LDAP) according to the configuration provided in the wiki:

So, I thought this was a piece of cake to make the "display at UCSC" work. I changed the following (in order to prevent broken links on our production server, I have currently restricted it to "mm7", which nobody is using in our institute):

in "universe_wsgi.ini", I have:  'ucsc_display_sites = main'

in "tool-data/shared/ucsc/ucsc_build_sites.txt", I have:
'main   http://genome.ucsc.edu/cgi-bin/hgTracks?        mm7'

For history items with "format: bed, database: mm7" I get the link: "display at UCSC 'main'", eg:


If I click on it, I get the right UCSC page (ie: mm7 chr1:chr1:11,873-1,655,775).
But I get the following error message on the top of the page:

"Expected 200 http://galaxy.fmi.ch/root/display_as?id=13185&display_app=ucsc&authz_method=display_at: 401 Authorization Required"

Our sysadmin insists this is a Galaxy error (ie wrong configuration in the Galaxy code), but I ran out of ideas what else would need changing in Galaxy to make the display work.

Is there anything else I need to adjust in addition to the two changes in "universe_wsgi.ini" and "ucsc_build_sites.txt"? Or is the error (as I suspect) somewhere in the Apache configuration.

Thank you very much for any pointers which might get the display to work for us

Regards, Hans
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