Dear Galaxy Developers,

This post went unanswered could I re-submit in a hope if there is any guy out 
there who could stop me pulling my few left hairs.

My tool meant to load up (in a dropdown) some custom data from a non-galaxy 
database for the user to select and submit a job. I am using dynamic_options 
for loading such dynamic values, however to restrict data for a logged-in user 
I need to  know the user id.

So far I have tried many things including setting 
dynamic_options="load_dynamic_values($__user_id__) in the xml wrapper but it 
did not work. I know $__user_id__  can be passed to the tool as a command line 
arguments, however, my issue is to read user id even before the execution of 
main tool.

Thanks for your help guys.

I have also tried following code in a hope to grab the webapp session.

      ini_file = '/galaxy-dist/universe_wsgi.ini'

      conf_parser = ConfigParser.ConfigParser( {'here':os.getcwd()} ) ini_file )

      configuration = {}

      for key, value in conf_parser.items( "app:main" ):

            configuration[key] = value

      global_conf = { '__file__' : ini_file }

app =**configuration )

But this generates following error.

UnboundExecutionError: Parent instance <History at 0x581cdd0> is not bound to a 
Session; lazy load operation of attribute 'active_datasets' cannot proceed


Matloob Khushi

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