Hello all:

There are times when I want to explore data produced inside my local galaxy
site without using galaxy tools.  For example, I may want to run a custom
script or even just a grep type function from the command line on a couple
CuffDiff output files to get an idea of whats inside.

This requires a way to get the absolute path to that dataset as it lives in
galaxy's internal structure.  The only way that I have found to do this is
to place this dataset in the shared_data/data_libraries and then view this
dataset's info as admin.  This is not practical for the types of things I
want to do (simple one-off old-school command line investigations
on arbitrary files).

Is there a way for me to add this info to the standard "view info" page
format of datasets so that I can do this sort of thing easily?  Mind you, I
am not planning to alter the data in galaxy, just look at it and sometimes
dump a summary table to a folder outside of galaxy's domain.



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