I'm trying to create a tool for scientists to BATCH download multiple fastq
files from EBI based on starting list of SRA-ID's. The EBI-SRA tool seems
to only take one ID at a time.

Proposed approach:

Defin workflow with two steps.

Step1: Get list of ID's from user. Lookup FTP/URL for each ID.

Step2: Batch download the URL's using a copy of the "upload file" workflow
I'm trying to prepopulate the "URL/Text" box with the list of FTP-URLS from
step 1. This way the user doesn't have to cut/paste text from Step #1.  I
found the thead on the undocumented dynamic_options functionality.
However, not sure that will help here.

1) Would appreciate any pointers/examples on how to pre-populate the text
area of a workflow input step based on the output from a prior step.
2) This approach seems hacky, so would also love to hear suggestions on a
better approach.

Thanks in advance,
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